Almost 11,000 square metres of the Perspectiv’ project are earmarked for shops. This shows just how important the notion of ‘city living’, with all of its advantages, was for the project designers. Everything is near-by, within easy reach, without having to make long journeys, you’ll find everything you want and need on a daily basis. What’s more, the shops will be located on several levels and around the large bustling squares. The cafés and restaurants, with their terraces set up all around the public squares, will be ideal for an active, enjoyable and entertaining social life.

The whole shopping area will be pedestrianised – so you won’t have the stress of crossing busy roads or driving round in circles to find a parking place. Whether you want to do some shopping, go for a walk or go on a date, anything is possible. The car park will be underground with 440 public spaces.


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